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“From day one, Weiss has provided an environment for professional growth and development within my position. My supervisors and project managers, who also often fill the role of mentor, have always provided thoughtful consideration to my input and opinions on a project, while challenging me to think in an innovative manner.” 

Kim Ryan
Senior Staff Scientist

A Career Track That Challenges

When you join Weiss – no matter the stage of your career – you are joining a team of engaged technical experts who are in it for the long run. We are a small company but we serve some of the Bay Area’s biggest clients, some of which have been with us since the company was founded in 1980. That type of longevity is based on our reputation for providing high-quality results consistently.

One step at a time.

All current Weiss principals and nearly all of our senior managers joined Weiss early in their career and have been successfully collaborating for decades. They became experts in their field by working with senior staff and gaining hands-on experience while developing their credentials and project portfolios, and it still works that way for junior staff. Our project teams are agile and the work is varied and often challenging, especially as some of Weiss’s long-standing clients are academic institutions that endeavor – as we do – to advance environmental science, engineering, and management practices.

The goal.

The goal is sustainability. By taking the long view and building lasting relationships, we strive to benefit our clients, colleagues, communities, and the environment. For our clients we endeavor to create value, and for our team members we endeavor to create a productive work environment with opportunities for professional development as well as work-life balance. Some of us extend our efforts into the community by mentoring students, volunteering for environmental initiatives, and making donations when community members face hardship.

If this sounds appealing, please see our current Career Opportunities.