Weiss Associates

Key Project Elements:

  • Turnkey remediation through site certification
  • Sensitive habit and permit requirements
  • Complex construction done on budget

Case History Presented at American Society of Civil Engineers Ports 2007 Conference

Engineering Design and Construction Oversight for Sediment Remediation Project

Port of Richmond, California

Weiss Associates was the prime environmental engineering consultant contracted to plan, design and oversee the construction of a $2 million project to remediate contaminated San Francisco Bay sediments. The purpose of the project was to meet remedial action objectives for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), lead, mercury, and zinc at a former shipyard. Approximately 6,500 cubic yards of contaminated sediment were removed from a cut across one acre of tidal marsh and mudflat. Sediments were removed via a combination land-based dragline dredge and water-based derrick barge with clamshell bucket. The resulting contaminated soils were stabilized onsite and used as sub-base material for the asphalt concrete parking lot. Contaminated sediments that remained in place were capped with beneficial reuse of clean bay mud dredged from a local commercial marina. Wetland vegetation was planted in the salt marsh area and the shoreline was repaired and armored.

Weiss Associates' services included:

  • Preparing conceptual design and final contract documents, including all plans and specifications
  • Preparing the Remedial Design and Implementation Plan and supplemental summary reports for California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC)
  • Sampling sediment and modeling contaminant fate and transport
  • Developing wetland restoration design to facilitate vegetation with native salt marsh species
  • Overseeing and managing construction activities
  • Preparing the Final Remedial Documentation Report for DTSC, including the deed restriction and operation and maintenance plan for the capping system
  • Conducting annual ground water monitoring activities

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