Weiss Associates

Key Project Elements:

  • 98 percent uptime for reliable treatment system operation
  • Quality assurance for large environmental database
  • Total compliance with environmental, health and safety standards

Groundwater Treatment System Design and Operation at Superfund Site

Mountain View, California

Weiss Associates is the consultant for two primary responsible parties and the regional responsible party for a large, comingled volatile organic compound (VOC) ground water plume in Mountain View, California. In this role, Weiss Associates works with a team of hydrogeologists, engineers, and scientists to operate, monitor, and maintain regulatory compliance for ground water treatment systems at this multi-party Superfund Site.

Weiss Associates' responsibilities include sampling of the ground water monitoring network that consist of over 40 extraction wells and operation and maintenance of five ground water treatment systems to remove chlorinated solvents. Weiss Associates is responsible for completing all compliance and monitoring reports for the remediation, development of capture zone maps for ground water extraction, preparation of isoconcentration maps for chlorinated solvents, and potentiometric maps showing ground water elevation and flow, and maintenance of a large database for sample and monitoring information.

Each year, the treatment systems Weiss Associates operates remove over 170 million gallons of water; and approximately 1,900 pounds of VOCs. Weiss Associates' technicians collect over 750 water samples for laboratory analysis annually.

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