Weiss Associates





"About Weiss Associates' Logo"


The WA logo tells a story about the technical orientation of Weiss Associates, its origins in hydrogeology and
environmental studies, and its commitment to teamwork. It displays a conceptual hydrogeologic and
environmental model in the crossbar of the A. The crossbar shows an inner blue groundwater-bearing layer
between overlying and underlying confining layers. The crossbar is additionally split obliquely by a reverse
fault. Faults are significant features with respect to groundwater flow. They can act as conduits for flow
along and parallel to a fault zone and/or barriers to flow through a fault zone. In the WA logo the fault shows
both features, as the groundwater level on the left side of the fault is higher than the groundwater level on the
right side of the fault, indicating that the fault is a groundwater barrier. In addition, you can see the blue
water drop emanating from the fault indicating that groundwater is flowing parallel to the fault. The water
drop shows a sparkle to indicate purity either from a clean environment, or treated to regulatory standards by a
Weiss Associates treatment system.

The acronym WA for Weiss Associates is shown not as separate letters, but with the W and A integrated and
sharing a common slanted line on the right side of the W and the left side of the A. This depiction illustrates
how WA works together as a team sharing resources and supporting each other to continually improve and
produce the best work products for our clients.