Weiss Associates

Key Project Elements:

  • Wetland restoration permits
  • Simplified process though Joint Aquatic Permit Application
  • Army Corps Nationwide 38 Permit for Site Remediation

Environmental Permits for a Wetland Restoration Project

Salt Marsh in San Francisco Bay

Weiss Associates secured wetland restoration permits for a project to construct two acres of salt marsh in the San Francisco Bay. In addition to preparing engineering plans and specifications for the restoration, the Weiss Team conducted a biological resources evaluation and prepared a jurisdictional delineation study prior to preparing the permit applications. At the request of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Weiss Team performed a focused evaluation for the presence of the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse. The evaluation was accepted by regulatory agencies in lieu of saturation trapping.

A Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application was then developed and submitted to regulatory agencies. Weiss Associates worked with these agencies to develop appropriate and efficient mitigation measures that were incorporated into the permits. In the end, coverage was secured from the Army Corps of Engineers under the Nationwide 38 permit, a Clean Water Act Section 401 Certification was obtained from the California State Water Resources Control Board, and a minor permit was obtained from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

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