Weiss Associates

Key Project Elements:


  • Receiving water monitoring
  • Surface water flow mapping
  • Interactive GIS
  • BMP design

Storm Water Quality Improvement at LEHR/Old Campus Landfill Superfund Site

University of California, Davis

Since the 1996, Weiss has worked on assessing and improving the quality of storm water runoff from the former Laboratory for Energy-related Health Research (LEHR) and the Old Campus Landfill at the University of California, Davis, listed by the EPA on the National Priorities List due radiological and chemical contamination.

Weiss assists the Department of Energy and the University of California in analyzing pollutants loading in storm water runoff from the LEHR site and the Old Campus Landfill, collects surface water samples from channelized flow into Putah Creek, and has developed approaches for managing runoff to the creek. Weiss has evaluated pollutant sources, mapped storm water surface flow using an interactive GIS platform, and recommended best management practices to reduce contaminant transport to the creek, including runoff filtration and vegetative cover.

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